Optimise your speaking voice to better connect, lead and inspire!

Weekend Workshop in English – NEW DATES COMING SOON!

Course content:

Learn to optimize your most powerful vehicle to connect with others – your voice!  You will learn a variety of breath, body and voice techniques and exercises used by professional actors, singers and speakers to develop and strengthen your natural voice and presence. Whether for 1-to-1 communication or presenting to groups, by the end of the workshop you will know what is needed to become a more effective communicator in all that you do. Together, we will begin a journey to explore and develop the full potential of your voice. The tools provided in this workshop will also enable you to continue the work on your own. This course is designed for coaches, trainers, teachers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and other business professionals interested in exploring the full potential of their voices. Candidates who have had an introduction to voicework or who have no previous voicework experience will benefit from this course.

  1. Increase awareness about voice and vocal habits – your own and others
  2. Explore presence and energy in relation to voice
  3. Work with the body to open the channel for sound
  4. Practice diaphragmatic breathing to improve vocal control, projection & manage stress
  5. Explore and play with the voice as an instrument of sound
  6. Experiment with volume, pitch, resonance and articulation to increase vocal range and clarity
  7. Apply techniques to speech
  8. Individual coaching and advice from the trainer



What participants are saying about “Speak with Confidence – Voice Workshop”…

“I thoroughly enjoyed this weekend.  As well as providing a multitude of practical tools, it has opened up a whole new area of personal and professional development for me. Looking forward to a follow on!”   

Kirsten Mitchell-Wallace, Catastrophe Manager,  Küsnacht

“I enjoyed exploring my voice as well as my presence, and discovering how to influence them consciously. I am totally impressed of my development in just two days of training!”

Dietmar Kohler, Physicist, Rafz

I walked away from the workshop with increased confidence and with tools that have already helped me to speak with impact and assertiveness. This experience was highly empowering and I would recommend this workshop to people who wish to become more confident in using their voice.”

Aurelie Oberti, Business Development Manager, Switzerland

“I took away so many tools and techniques that I will most certainly use going forward and found the way that you highlighted the importance of creating and claiming a presence with one’s voice, breathing and posture to be very powerful. I am intrigued and will most certainly be attending your next course!”

George, Consultant – Information Risk Management, Zürich

“This workshop helped me understand the elements that make our voices and how I can train my voice by using different techniques. The result was that I feel more confident when speaking in public and I even enjoy it.

One thing I liked was the freedom to experiment with my own voice. I found the experience very much encouraging and empowering. 

I would recommend this workshop to people who hold themselves back because they don’t feel comfortable speaking.”

Petya, Consultant, Zurich