What people are saying about “Speak with Confidence – Voice Workshop”…

“I took away so many tools and techniques that I will most certainly use going forward and found the way that you highlighted the importance of creating and claiming a presence with one’s voice, breathing and posture to be very powerful. I am intrigued and will most certainly be attending your next course!”

George, Consultant – Information Risk Management, Zürich

“The workshop gave me the opportunity to explore many different elements that have an impact on my voice and to learn some very simple & powerful tools to use my voice more choicefully in my daily life. I liked especially the interactive approach and the exchange within the group from which I personally benefited a lot.”
Beatrix Daros, Consumer & Market Insights Manager, Switzerland

“This workshop helped me understand the elements that make our voices and how I can train my voice by using different techniques. The result was that I feel more confident when speaking in public and I even enjoy it.

One thing I liked was the freedom to experiment with my own voice. I found the experience very much encouraging and empowering. 

I would recommend this workshop to people who hold themselves back because they don’t feel comfortable speaking.”

Petya, Consultant, Zurich

“I enjoyed exploring my voice as well as my presence, and discovering how to influence them consciously. I am totally impressed of my development in just two days of training!”

Dietmar Kohler, Physicist, Rafz

“I thoroughly enjoyed this weekend.  As well as providing a multitude of practical tools, it has opened up a whole new area of personal and professional development for me. Looking forward to a follow on!”  

Kirsten Mitchell-Wallace, Catastrophe Manager,  Küsnacht

“I walked away from the workshop with increased confidence and with tools that have already helped me to speak with impact and assertiveness. This experience was highly empowering and I would recommend this workshop to people who wish to become more confident in using their voice.”

Aurelie Oberti, Business Development Manager, Switzerland

What people are saying about personal coaching with Allison…

“Allison m’a permis au fil des séances de me rendre compte que j’étais chanceuse d’avoir cet outil précieux, qui est la voix, à ma disposition mais qu’il était nécessaire de le respecter au quotidien pour qu’il m’accompagne le plus longtemps possible. 

Par ailleurs, j’ai eu l’occasion de réfléchir aussi aux impacts de ma voix sur ma voie professionnelle, en étant guidée avec beaucoup de douceur.”

Florence B., Coach-Consultante, France


“Voice coaching with Allison was a new experience for me and one that will really stay with me. Her ability to put one at ease and to adapt one’s voice with confidence is superb. I completed my coaching with Allison with greater knowledge about how to use my voice effectively and I will value this forever. Allison is friendly, giving and insightful.  I thoroughly recommend her for voice coaching.”   

Anita Gohil, UK


“Allison was fearless in getting to the core of what was important to me and how I could motivate myself toward my goals. With Allison’s coaching I was also able to identify ways of thinking that held me back from living congruent with my aspirations. With a clearer vision of my future I am on a more fulfilling path in life.”   

Neil, Artist, Toronto Canada


“Allison’s coaching helped me achieve several of my goals both personal and professional. I was also happy to see my confidence improve while developing tools I now use to concentrate better, interact with others more assertively and have a more positive outlook on life. Thank you, Allison!”   

Rebecca, Writer/Performer, Toronto Canada

“Allison has been my coach for the past year, helping me at a critical stage of my career. Her guidance and insights were instrumental in supporting my corporate transition to another role. Her intuitive perception helped me to identify untapped strengths and hidden aspirations. I am grateful I have had the opportunity to work with her and I highly recommend her as a coach!”    

Director Business Development, Singapore

“Allison’s coaching has helped me formalize my values, and develop my interests around these values, what I want and what I don’t want in life. Step by step, focusing on one issue at a time, Allison empowered me with the necessary determination to grow out of my comfort zone towards a more fun and exciting life.”   

Charles, Risk Manager, Sao Paolo Brazil