Communication is the keystone for a successful business.

Your employees are the heart and voice of your company.


  • Are you creating the impact you want when speaking to your staff, board members, partners and customers?
  • Is your sales staff engaging new potential clients in a powerful way?
  • Are the presentations in your company interesting, engaging and value-adding for employees and audiences?
  • Is your customer service staff effective at building rapport with customers, understanding their problems, and providing adequate solutions?
  • Does the quality of communication in meetings need to improve?


Through targeted coaching and training programs, Voice for Life Coaching will support you in reaching your communication goals both internally and for customer facing.

The keys to effective communication or great speaking are within each one of us if we know where to look and how to optimise our strengths. Voice for Life Coaching is a powerful alternative to traditional public speaking or communication skills training, as it focuses on optimising the individual’s unique voice and authentic communication style.

With the help of a powerful set of tools and techniques (like deep listening, powerful questions & bottom-lining), you and your employees can develop skills to resolve problems and conflicts, and learn to support, influence and inspire others with greater ease, forging stronger relationships and more loyal customers and partners.

We need to look at communication as a constant exchange of value between giving and receiving (i.e., speaking and listening) instead of just speaking. This shift in perspective will enable us to focus more on building rapport through voice. Then we can begin to align our communication to our core values and speak from a place of intention and purpose to make a greater impact in our work and in the world.

My clients learn to speak with presence, purpose and passion to have a positive and memorable impact on others. Through my coaching and training programs, I can show you (and your staff) how to use your unique voice to entertain, engage and provide value to listeners, audiences, and customers in every conversation!