Coaching is a collaborative relationship between coach and client that supports the client in setting & achieving goals, building awareness, learning, and taking action towards the desired changes.

My role as coach is to support your vision and goals and to provide structure that helps you to make conscious choices. I will be an objective listener and will also give you straight feedback. I will ask you to step beyond your present limitations as you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

Do you feel like your dreams and aspirations are somehow beyond your grasp? Coaching can help you to strip away the barriers and finally achieve the goals you’ve always wanted, if you just let it happen.


I’m committed to meeting the needs of my clients and to providing a safe, non-judgmental and courageous space for them to experiment, learn and have fun!

Once agreed, we will work together to:

  • Identify your goals for change
  • Build up your self-awareness, confidence and your sense of power
  • Pay attention to and work with the body
  • Focus on the present (and future), while keeping the big picture in mind
  •  Experiment with both vocal and coaching techniques, tools and exercises according to your specific needs
  • Agree on targeted actions to keep you moving towards your goals

My coaching services consist of
 2 one-hour coaching sessions per month (minimum) 
via Skype or in-person at my address in Duebendorf or Zurich.

I offer 1-to-1 coaching and small group coaching (up to 6 persons) in English and French.

For further information please contact me to talk about your needs or book a sample coaching session. It’s free and without obligation.


Confidentiality is guaranteed in accordance with the Ethical Code of the International Coach Federation (ICF).


“Public speaking has always been my biggest fear yet something I’ve always admired and wanted to be better at. Meeting Allison was truly magical for me. She showed me how to be creative with my voice and what it means to use my voice with joy instead of fear. She also showed me the importance of going back to the basics and how to fully give love to myself in order to bring out my authentic voice and presence. I will continue to keep my feet on the ground and my heart in the game. Thanks Allison!”
Rani, Designer, Google Zürich
“I approached Allison in January 2019 to help me with my voice projection and presentation skills for a keynote speech at a conference. She introduced me to a range of tools and techniques to help me structuring my story, sharpen my slides, speak more clearly, and develop a positive mind set. I felt more confident than ever when I delivered my presentation, and received excellent feedback after the conference. I have continued to take the tools and techniques I learned with Allison to other presentations, with amazing results! Thanks to Allison’s coaching, I now feel more confident with my presentations and deliver well structured stories.”
Mauricio Alvarez-Reyes, Market Access & Pricing Expert, Zürich

“Allison’s voice coaching program was a great experience. She made me step out of my comfort zone, provided me with honest feedback, and showed me how to look at things from a different perspective. She provided me with tools to continue with self-development after our program was over. Allison is a good listener and adapts her classes to her students and their specific needs in a nice and friendly way – I highly recommend her classes.”         

Katarina, Insurance Specialist, Zurich

“Allison m’a permis au fil des séances de me rendre compte que j’étais chanceuse d’avoir cet outil précieux, qui est la voix, à ma disposition mais qu’il était nécessaire de le respecter au quotidien pour qu’il m’accompagne le plus longtemps possible. 

Par ailleurs, j’ai eu l’occasion de réfléchir aussi aux impacts de ma voix sur ma voie professionnelle, en étant guidée avec beaucoup de douceur.”

Florence B., Coach-Consultante, France

“Voice coaching with Allison was a new experience for me and one that will really stay with me. Her ability to put one at ease and to adapt one’s voice with confidence is superb. I completed my coaching with Allison with greater knowledge about how to use my voice effectively and I will value this forever. Allison is friendly, giving and insightful.  I thoroughly recommend her for voice coaching.”   

Anita Gohil, UK

“Allison was fearless in getting to the core of what was important to me and how I could motivate myself toward my goals. With Allison’s coaching I was also able to identify ways of thinking that held me back from living congruent with my aspirations. With a clearer vision of my future I am on a more fulfilling path in life.”   

Neil, Artist, Toronto Canada 

“Allison’s coaching helped me achieve several of my goals both personal and professional. I was also happy to see my confidence improve while developing tools I now use to concentrate better, interact with others more assertively and have a more positive outlook on life. Thank you, Allison!”   

Rebecca, Writer/Performer, Toronto Canada

“Allison has been my coach for the past year, helping me at a critical stage of my career. Her guidance and insights were instrumental in supporting my corporate transition to another role. Her intuitive perception helped me to identify untapped strengths and hidden aspirations. I am grateful I have had the opportunity to work with her and I highly recommend her as a coach!”    

Director Business Development, Singapore

“Allison’s coaching has helped me formalize my values, and develop my interests around these values, what I want and what I don’t want in life. Step by step, focusing on one issue at a time, Allison empowered me with the necessary determination to grow out of my comfort zone towards a more fun and exciting life.”   

Charles, Risk Manager, Sao Paolo Brazil