Originally from Deep River, Ontario, Canada, I have spent many years living in South Korea, Japan, Brazil, France and Switzerland. All of these countries have shaped me into the international person I am today. I currently live in Zurich, Switzerland where I live with my husband and two children.

Years of music studies at school, singing in choirs and bands, and classical voice training have provided me with the vocal techniques, stage presence, and indepth knowledge about voice. During a 13-year-long career in Human Resources, where I began practicing as a coach, I designed and led leadership development programs and facilitated workshops to support leaders in strengthening their communication and presentation skills. 


As a shy and sensitive young girl, I had my share of growing pains. Most of my pain came from holding back my words – stifling my voice – and keeping my thoughts and emotions locked up inside.
 Despite my introverted nature, I was drawn to the arts and practiced singing, dancing, and acting in my childhood and frequently performed on stage. I loved to sing and when I sang I came alive. Singing – liberating my voice – proved to be a key to my personal growth.

Although I’ve always loved to sing, I still get nervous when taking the stage to let my voice be heard. I need to be courageous every time I do it and that’s part of what makes it a passion for me. It’s because it requires courage to free my voice that I’m driven to sing, to speak, AND to coach!

My mission is to support others in freeing their voice so that they can experience the sense of confidence, personal power and freedom that comes from speaking with intention and resonance. In freeing your voice, you set yourself free and with that the possibilities abound!