Your voice is a powerful instrument of communication that enables you to express yourself, connect with others and make an impact in the world. Yet, the natural power of the voice is largely underutilised.

Most people have stage fright or are uncomfortable speaking in front of groups. Some people are unhappy with the sound of their voice or feel stuck with a voice that doesn’t adequately express who they really are. Others experience vocal strain or hoarseness when speaking. Over our lifetime we develop habits, some of which negatively affect the natural quality of our voice.

The good news is: You can choose to use your voice in other ways, rather than just doing what you’ve always done! You can also overcome stage fright.


  • speak more clearly and effectively?
  • infuse your voice with self-confidence and power?
  • express your thoughts and emotions more accurately to gain credibility and trust?
  • overcome vocal fear, anxiety and tension?
  • expand your vocal range to make a greater impact when speaking?

Voice for Life Coaching can help you to gain self-awareness and self-confidence, and to get in touch with your personal power. Learning how your voice works and how to optimise its use is a journey of self-discovery and self-realisation that can change your life.

Even to me the issue of “stay small, sweet, quiet, and modest” sounds like an outdated problem, but the truth is that women still run into those demands whenever we find and use our voices.                                                                      -Brené Brown, Daring Greatly

Voice for Life Coaching addresses the whole person (not just your voice), to help you find your authentic voice and connect with who you are on a deeper level. Through a combination of co-active® life coaching and voice work, we will explore your values, beliefs and stories, as well as options and resources to address your needs and identify what works best for you.  As your personal coach, I will introduce you to a variety of coaching techniques and vocal techniques and exercises to help you adapt optimal behaviours to reach your goals for vocal expression and in life.

My clients include women and men in the corporate world, entrepreneurs, coaches, trainers, artists, performers, journalists, academics, etc. The only requirement to work with me is a commitment to change.

Voice for Life Coaching can help you to:

  • Understand your voice and find your natural speaking voice
  • Optimize your vocal expression for speaking
  • Develop a stronger more resonant voice
  • Improve communication skills for leading, presenting, or public speaking
  • Build self-awareness, self-confidence and a sense of personal power
  • Work with your body to relieve tension and vocal strain
  • Express yourself more fully, with greater range and colour, to connect with people on a whole new level!

Are you ready to play the leading role on the stage of your life?

If you’re curious about Voice for Life Coaching and want to know if this could be something for you, contact me to set up a free sample session.


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